Wright State University Clinical Laboratory Science Program , Department of Biological Sciences

Technical Knowledge/Skills - Level of knowledge and/or technical skills.
Meets required standards: i.e., accuracy, neatness and thoroughness
Productivity - Accomplishes the quantity of work expected of the job or assignment
Communication Skills - Ability to convey ideas both oral and written
Adaptability - adapts to new situations and changes in routines, workload and/or work assignments
Dependability - Performs work without close supervision or assistance
Initiative - Presents new ideas, improves procedures or otherwise demonstrates an awareness of the need for change
Attendance - Maintains attendance including tardiness, leaving early and absence
Relations with Others - Establishes effective working relationships with supervisors, peers and/or the public
Perseverance - Continues to progress even in negative situations
Self-confidence - Demonstrates assuredness in possessing the capacity to achieve goals
Intellectual ability - Demonstrates the intellectual ability to grasp difficult concepts
Please rate based on the following: 5 = excellent; 4 = above average ; 3 = average; 2 = below average; 1 = poor Please check NA if you have no basis to judge the applicant.