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This is voluntary information requested for reports to the federal government. This information has no influence on the assistantship decision.


List college(s)/university, dates attended from/to, degree(s), date(s) awarded, and major(s)

If you have completed one or more of the tests listed below, please fill in test score(s)

List names and positions of two persons whose recommendations have been requested. Recommendations should come from persons acquainted with your academic background. Forward the Graduate Assistantship Letter of Recommendation PDF form that can be found on our website under the Application link to them. This application must be accompanied by your statement regarding the purpose of your graduate study and your professional goals.  (See field below.)

Statement of objectives

This statement is used exclusively for your assistantship application.  Please state the purpose of your graduate study and professional goals.  In addition, include a description of any publications, research, or teaching experience you have completed.